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Spa Maintenance

If you are a Spa owner, after a weeks worth of customers dragging debris in and out of your pool, there can be a build up of fungus and algae, amongst other things, if not properly taken care of. At Johnson Professional Pool Care, we have the pool cleaning services you need to give you and your customers the peace of mind you need to keep them coming back to your spa time and time again.

Once a week we will go to your place of business. Our pool cleaner will remove your pool of any floating debris. He will brush the tiles on the water line and at the bottom of the pool with an acidic tile cleaner to assist in removing calcium build-up.

We also vacuum the spa with each visit. We brush the steps and walls, lights and skimmers, and empty the skimmer and pump strainer baskets. For your ultimate safety we always check the chemicals in your pool, like chlorine and alkalinity, and adjust accordingly to make sure no one will get hurt.

Our swimming pool cleaner fills out a service card and leaves it on your front door with each visit so you know we were there. At Johnson Professional Pool Care, we fulfill all of your spa maintenance needs in Marysville, CA.